Custom Foam Inserts for Your Firearm Cases

Whether you’re driving across town to the shooting range, or flying across the country with your firearm, a rugged and lockable case is a must. Companies like Pelican and SKB make generic cases that work very well for guns. Most come with a foam pad, perforated with a grid of small cubes that can be removed to create cavities for the contents. While the “pick and pluck” pads work nicely for objects that fit square and rectangular cavities, they leave something to be desired for items that have an irregular shapes, such firearms.

Custom-Cut Foam Insert
Pelican Case with Firearm & Magazines can turn that generic case into one specifically made for your handgun or rifle. This company uses CNC technology to make custom-cut foam inserts for any case. The MCB website provides an intuitive design utility that allows you to select your case from a comprehensive list of known brands and models. If it’s not listed, simply choose the “create your own custom-sized foam” option and enter the dimensions. You can even purchase a case from MCB and bundle it with your foam order.

After specifying the case, you’ll see a blank canvas matching its interior dimensions. You’re now ready to design the insert. Again, the Web-based utility allows you to peruse an extensive collection of predesigned “stencils” uploaded by other users — many popular guns and magazines are listed there.

Drag the stencil to the desired location on your canvas and tweak the options as necessary. Among other things, you can change dimensions, clone shapes to duplicate them, and add finger notches to make it easier to grab the item(s). When you’ve finished the design, click the 3D button to view and rotate a three-dimensional preview. Design Utility
3D Preview

Don’t see your firearm? No problem. Simply upload a photo – one that you’ve taken, or a stock photo from the manufacturer’s website – and use the provided tracing utility to outline the image. You’re then prompted to specify a few dimensions (which, again, should be available on the manufacturer’s website or the owner’s manual).

If you’re nervous about getting something wrong, you can pay a nominal fee at check-out to add “fail-safe design protection,” which gives you the opportunity to re-do the order at no additional cost if your foam doesn’t fit.

MCB keeps you posted about the progress of your order, via email notifications. Most orders take a week or two to turn around.