In Defense of the 2nd Amendment

Jerah Hutchins is owner of Texas-based Clearing the Chamber, a firearms training company in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. On Thursday, October 10, Ms. Hutchins was invited to testify at the DFW Gun Rights Hearing – a forum hosted by Texas state legislature, allowing citizens to express their views on firearms legislation and the 2nd Amendment.

Here is a video of Jerah’s amazing testimony:

While her words should encourage everyone to hold our elected officials accountable for standing up for our Constitutional rights, they are especially impactful to women. 

A Tribute to Rosie and the Greatest Generation

Tim Cooper, Family 1st Defense

In Search of the Real Rosie the Riveter

Do you remember Rosie? She was a young woman in her mid-20s when the U.S. was pulled into World War II in 1941. The iconic poster of her flexing her bicep and clenching her fist has captured the imagination of millions of patriots for more than 75 years.

During World War II, Michigan was home to the largest bomber manufacturing plant in the world. At that time, women stepped up in unprecedented numbers to staff this plant — and others around the country — to fill the vacancies left by the men fighting overseas. These women who belonged to the Greatest Generation, became collectively known as “Rosie the Riveter.”

My latest contribution to “Coffee of Die” magazine pays tribute to Rosie and recounts the incredible story of the Willow Run bomber plant in Ypslanti, MI.

Alexo Athletica Carry Runners for Women – for Firearms (and Non-Lethal Weapons Too)

With the weather improving, many of us will choose to get our exercise outdoors. Summer exercise apparel poses challenges for the concealed carry lifestyle – especially for the ladies. They are more curvy than men, with center mass in the hips. Carrying a firearm at the hip can put a bulge in the wrong place. And, let’s face it, choosing baggy clothing is simply not a preferred option for most women!

The new Carry Runners from Alexo Athletica offer unique carry options for the fairer sex. These innovative shorts have lots of integrated pockets for firearms, magazines, phones or other things.

Speaking of those “other things”: ladies, even if you don’t choose to carry a firearm, please consider carrying a non-lethal weapon to protect yourself.

The Kimber Pepper Blaster, featured in this video, is an excellent choice. It uses a pyrotechnic charge to propel a hot blast of pepper gel up to 13 feet, at more than 100 mph!

It comes pre-loaded with two shots, and each one can incapacitate an attacker for up to 45 minutes

Video is provided courtesy of Amy Robbins from Alexo Athletica. Used by permission.