CPL Renewal Training Classes – Kalamazoo

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The State of Michigan recently announced it has simplified the CPL renewal process by giving candidates an online option to complete the process.

Whether you renew online or in person at the local County Clerk’s office,  you are required to certify you have attended at least three hours of firearms training and logged one hour or more of range time in the six month period leading up to renewal.

Although the State does not require the range time to be supervised, many renewal candidates request instruction. Family 1st Defense therefore offers two versions of the CPL Renewal Class – one with range time and one without.

The classroom portion of the session is normally presented in the comfort of your own home. Among other topics, we review Michigan firearms law (which has likely changed since you first obtained your CPL). If applicable, range time is scheduled at a local shooting range.

See our pricing page for more information and refer to the State of Michigan website for more details on the CPL renewal process.