CPL Renewal Training Classes – Kalamazoo

Family 1st Defense can help you fulfill Michigan’s training requirement for your CPL renewal in Kalamazoo and surrounding counties.

Unfortunately, the state offers no clear guidelines on content for CPL renewal training. The rule simply requires candidates to sign a statement certifying he or she has attended at least three hours of firearms training and logged one hour or more of range time in the six month period leading up to renewal.

If you’re up for renewal, we suggest sitting in one of our CPL classes for 3 hours or longer. Since there have very likely been updates to Michigan firearms law since you first obtained your CPL, it is strongly recommended your 3 hours include the 90-minute legal segment. The fee for our renewal training is substantially discounted from the normal CPL class rate, but you are more than welcome to attend the entire class. See our fees page for more information. Please refer to the State of Michigan website for more details on the CPL renewal process.