CPL Class Registration Request

Please submit a separate registration request for each person in your party.  We will NEVER share any of this data with any other 3rd party without your permission.

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The caliber is normally stamped on the slide, barrel or frame.
Capacity is limited for all classes. Seats are therefore made available on a first-come-first-served basis. Pre-payment is the only way to guarantee a seat. We reserve the right to cancel any class that does not meet the minimum attendance required to pay our expenses. If the decision to cancel is ours, registered students will have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund (minus any applicable PayPal transaction fees). Pre-paid students who are unable to attend may re-register for another class for no additional fee. However, we are unable to issue a refund in these cases. Family 1st Defense has a zero tolerance policy for reckless and careless behavior at the shooting range. We reserve the right to remove anyone from training who threatens the safety of others. Students removed due to safety concerns will not receive a refund. Students who are unable to meet minimum skills for target accuracy may be required to repeat the live-fire portion of the class. An additional range fee may apply.