Training Overview

Wide Variety of Course Offerings

Our CPL classes meet and exceed and Michigan training requirements for new concealed pistol license applicants, and current CPL holders who need to renew their licenses. Family 1st Defense also offers a variety of basic safety classes for new and prospective handgun owners.

Learning Environments

  • In the Home – We can come to you to teach any of our classes. In-home training gives customers the option to round up a small group of like-minded family members, friends and neighbors to make training a fun event. Family 1st Defense brings all materials and audio-visual equipment required to present the course. We can even use your big-screen television to display the content. If live-fire training is required for any course (such as a CPL class), that portion is scheduled separately at a local shooting range. To ensure safety, no loaded firearms or live ammunition are brought into the home.
  • Traditional Classroom – For individuals and couples, traditional classroom training is the most affordable option. Customers can register for these classes without being concerned about minimum group sizes.

Note: Pre-payment is required for all training because we have to make advance arrangements to teach the class.

See our Fees page for details and pricing.